[07.07.21] Support EPAH’s planned activities

Dr. João Pedro Gouveia of NOVA University of Lisbon, presented the EU Energy Poverty Advisory HUB (EPAH) planned activities including the ongoing survey for collecting energy poverty projects and measures, during the ENGAGER Café on 02 July 2021.

EPAH, the new EU leading initiative, is set to work on energy poverty mitigation by collecting, analysing and disseminating good local practices. Currently, EPAH has launched a survey to collect and review projects and measures implemented/targeted at the local scale connected to energy poverty. The review is a collaborative effort between the EPAH consortium, the local support organisation (i.e. antennas) and local energy poverty experts (e.g. project leaders and participants, regional entities, NGOs) with the aim to develop a complete database open and accessible to all. 

The results of the review will be available in a) a global online atlas of projects and measures and energy poverty on the upcoming EPAH website and a selection of 24 inspiring case studies, translated into all EU official languages, to serve as examples for new projects at the local scale.

You can contribute to this work by directly submitting projects or measures you might know or have taken part in through the aforementioned survey or sharing this request with your local contacts.

EPAH is coordinated by the EU NOVA University of Lisbon, Climate Alliance, Ecoserveis, Aisfor and Akaryon, and is supported by DG Energy of the European Commission. EPAH started in January 2021 and will last for 4 years, following up the great work done under EPOV – the EU Energy Poverty Observatory. For more information about the project or the collection of projects and measures, you can contact the EPAH helpdesk.