[11.02.22] Sister Project Event: How to create programs that improve health and eliminate energy poverty

30 March from 11 to 12:30 CET

Join WELLBASED at the Nature of Cities festival on March 30th at 11 am CET.

This year, WELLBASED is an official host of the event organising this exciting session exploring what we can do better to tackle energy poverty and health questions in our cities.

This session will be in English

What are the challenges and successful approaches to design programs that improve health, wellbeing and equality for people affected by energy poverty? Learn how to develop new innovative health-focused approaches to alleviate energy poverty amongst the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, while promoting energy-efficient behaviours and reducing energy demand in those households. Based on the experiences from cities and their academic and non-profit partners, WELLBASED also wants to hear your own ideas for a massive, EU-wide deployment of solutions by policymakers and city practitioners.

11-11:05  Welcome and intro

11:05-11:20  How unhealthy is energy poverty?

We will discuss what type of health issues are prevalent in our cities and also which ones are caused by energy poverty. We will share concrete examples from cities and affected people.

11:25-11:55 Data mining for energy poverty: how to get health data without ‘exploiting’ vulnerable people?

The work on health and energy poverty remains a real gap. This is also due to the difficulty in getting data. In this part, speakers and participants will share experiences with study interventions in vulnerable households, but also elaborate on how big data will be leveraged to evaluate health factors impacting urban wellbeing.

12:05-12:20 What solutions to alleviating health injustices in our cities?

Let’s put the spotlight on individual, community and macro-political support to provide good health and wellbeing in cities, especially to the weakest members of the population.

12:20-12:25 Q&A with audience

12:25-12:30 Wrap-up

REGISTRATION WILL SOON OPEN ON https://tnoc-festival.com/wp/

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