[11.02.22] POWERPOOR EU trainings

The POWERPOOR trainings of Energy Supporters and Mentors are crossing new borders and going beyond the eight most impacted by energy poverty EU countries. As of 2022, the POWERPOOR project is mobilising the international community.
Five EU training webinars are being held. The first one took place on the 4th of February 2022 (Friday). Three more webinars will follow in 2022 and one in 2023. The content of all the webinars is the same and you can join in a following date, but the sooner we start, the more time we have to make a real impact in tackling energy poverty!

In only 4,5 hours, social and affordable housing providers, municipalities, health and social workers, representatives from the academia and anyone who wants to be engaged in tackling the phenomenon can join the free course and learn about what being energy poor actually is, how can we recognise it, and how can we tackle it effectively, leveraging innovative financing schemes and joint energy initiatives (e.g., energy communities) through a bottom up approach.
After the online training, which is being held in English, the participants are called to take a 15 minute test to become a certified POWERPOOR Energy Supporter and Mentor. From this moment on, the participant is part of our ever-growing movement joining a community of 500+ POWERPOOR certified Energy Supporters and Mentors, working on the ground, enabling change and mitigating energy poverty in their regions across Europe.

Indicatively the programme of the trainings includes the following sessions:


Welcome & introduction

Part I – Understanding the phenomenon of Energy Poverty, concepts, and policies at national and European level

  • The POWERPOOR project- approach and objectives
  • The role of Energy Supporters and Mentors

Part II – The POWERPOOR toolkit

  • The POWER-TARGET and POWER-ACT tools. Detailed presentation and examples of their use

Part III – From theory to practice. Good practices and case studies

  • Energy-saving measures, behavioural changes, visits to vulnerable households

Part IV – Energy communities and innovative financing schemes to tackle energy poverty

  • Methodology, good practices, advantages, and challenges
  • The POWER-FUND tool

Part V – The role of local authorities in tackling energy poverty

  • Energy poverty in the SECAPs and how to address the phenomenon in local energy planning
  • Energy Poverty Alleviation Offices in municipalities. POWERPOOR as a supporting tool for local authorities

Questions, answers, and next steps

The training is highly interactive, and the participants are urged to participate so that we can delve into the various issues presented in the training.

The next trainings will take place throughout the year, one on the 15th of March, one in June, one in December, and one in January 2023.

Follow us on social media and check our website to find out more about when the trainings will take place and how you can participate!

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