Documents and Publications Supporting Policy on Energy Poverty Around Europe
Latest ENPOR Resources  

Policy Guide on the Energy Efficiency Directive and Energy Savings Obligation for Energy Poverty Alleviation  

Summertime Energy Poverty

Policy Recommendations on South-East Europe’s Energy Poverty Aspects  

Housing Europe’s “Impact of the Recovery Plans on the Social and Affordable Housing Sector”  

WELLBASED’s Report on Public Policies and Interventions to Reduce Energy Poverty:  

Com-Act: How Renovation Measures Fight Energy Poverty for Energy Advisors  

EMPOWERMED’s Energy Poverty and Gender Resources:  

The ENGAGER Toolkit for Frontline Workers  

EU Framework  

Tackling Energy poverty Through Local Actions ‒ Inspiring cases from across Europe (Directorate-General for Energy)  

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Recast Proposal
Download it here:
Annexes and supporting documents:

Recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive  

Social Climate Fund

An inclusive Social Climate Fund for the just transition, Policy brief, Jacques Delors Institute: 

Right to Energy Coalition’s List of Suggestions on the Recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD): How to alleviate energy poverty in the EPBD- in Google Doc Format


The European Commission Joint Research Centre’s latest mapping exercise result includes ENPOR

Tackling energy poverty through local actions ‒ Inspiring cases from across Europe (Directorate-General for Energy)

A series of 24 inspirational cases of how energy poverty can be alleviated at the local level. The cases are the result of extensive research on energy poverty by the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) with support from its national partners and other experts in the field.