[06.10.21] Learn with ENPOR! Test your knowledge and hear from policies and solutions to tackle Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector

Join us 28 October from 15:45 to 16:15 during the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

This energy talk will be led by the EU-funded project ENPOR’s coordinator, Vlasis Oikonomou (IEECP), with support from Manon Burbidge from the University of Manchester. They will present the first recommendations to demonstrate research-based policy support, using findings of ENPOR’s latest research outputs on energy poverty in the specific framework of the private rented sector (PRS). With a number of questions directly engaging the audience, the talk will be based on the analysis and assessment of existing policies in the PRS, as well as structural factors impacting these energy poverty policies, using key figures, facts and infographics. 

A first preview of the Energy Poverty Dashboard, the innovative and first-of-its-kind project tool to be released early November 2021, will be demonstrated to participants.

The talk will serve to bridge the knowledge gap between policymakers, landlords and tenants experiencing energy poverty through solutions to overcome known barriers in the path of energy efficiency investment in private rented housing stock. Examples of good practices and policies from across Europe will be presented to underpin how successful initiatives can reduce energy poverty. A multi-stakeholder view on how interventions in energy and housing are lived, experienced and regulated, aids an understanding of the challenges of a just transition.