[09.03.21] Heads up for Powerpoor

POWERPOOR aims at developing support schemes for energy poor citizens and encouraging the use of alternative financing schemes (such as the establishment of energy communities / cooperatives, crowdfunding). POWERPOOR will facilitate experience and knowledge sharing, as well as the implementation of small-scale energy efficiency interventions and the installation of renewable energy sources, increasing the active participation of citizens.  

Pilot energy support schemes will be designed, developed, and implemented in eight countries across Europe, namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, and Spain, led by a network of certified Energy Supporters and Energy Community Mentors. The certified Supporters and Mentors will support energy poor households to plan and implement energy efficiency interventions, as well as to participate in joint energy initiatives. Energy poor citizens will be engaged through various planned activities, such as Info Days, Local Energy Poverty Offices, and ICT-driven tools (an Energy Poverty Mitigation Toolkit).  

Based on the experience gained and the lessons learnt from implementing POWERPOOR, EU policy recommendations and 8 National Roadmaps will be elaborated, so that policy makers at all governance levels can learn from the project. For more information visit our website at www.powerpoor.eu or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.