[11.02.22] Guest post-Gender equality and energy poverty in Albania

Key findings of the gender analysis and energy poverty in Albania, by Rezart Xhelo, Katharina Habersbrunner, Valbona Mazreku, Marilys Louvet

Along its fight against energy poverty in the coastal areas of Mediterranean countries emphasising on women’s health, EmpowerMed partners MilieuKontakt and WECF together with the gender expert Rezart Xhelo have conducted a gender analysis of the energy sector in Albania with a special focus on energy poverty. The findings of the analysis, focusing at first on Albanian national level are revealing interesting paths to take and opportunities to face gender inequalities, consequences of energy poverty in Albania.

The gender expert Rezart Xhelo has presented in January 2022 key findings of the analysis to EmpowerMed partners. The outcome shows interesting data and insights relevant for concrete EmpowerMed activities and where a closer look is needed, e.g., not only the share of unpaid care work but also the high share of women being engaged in unpaid work in the family business. The results also constitute a strong base for development of policy recommendations on local, Albanian and also EU level. The analysis will be expended to a local level and will assess gender patterns of energy poverty in Vlora where the EmpowerMed pilot site is implemented.

Learn more about the key findings on the gender analysis of Albania linked to energy poverty here

Authors: Rezart Xhelo, Katharina Habersbrunner, Valbona Mazreku, Marilys Louvet