[05.10.21] First Lunch Talk: Energy Poverty in the PRS – Barriers and Solutions.

The ENPOR Project’s First Lunch Talk on Energy Efficiency Policy Implementation in the European Private Rented Sector took place on the 5.10. at lunchtime and informed 43 participants on the findings of ENPOR research on structural factors impacting energy poverty policies in Europe.

Manon Burbidge, Dimitris Papantonis and Emil Martini discussed the findings of ENPOR research report on Structural Factors Impacting Energy Efficiency Policy Implementation in the European Private Rented Sector. You can find the presentation slides in attachment and we highly recommend you to read more and download the Report on financial, political and technological challenges and solutions to implementing energy efficiency policies in the private rented sector.

Download the presentations

Further resources shared during the discussion:

Energy Performance Certificates in the French debate. (in French)

Feedback about the obligation in place in UK

Local experiment close to Barcelona where the municipality is obliged to renovate all buildings of a street leading the renovation projects (in Spanish)

Rent control debate: link to a recent ballot in Berlin, together with the general election, where the result was in favour of bringing back dwellings in the public domain.


This was the first ENPOR Lunch Talk, it will be followed by further ones on 2nd of November (bringing you a new interactive online tool) and on the 7th of December focusing on how the Fit for 55 Package impacts energy poverty – with invited guest Ms Louise Sunderland (RAP).