[24.01.2022 – 28.01.2022]The Right to Energy Forum

As gas prices soar, millions across Europe are facing a ‘winter of disconnections’, the worst we have seen in decades. Now more than ever, we need emergency and long-term solutions to tackle the scandal of energy poverty across Europe.

As allies of the Right to Energy Coalition, ENPOR participated in the annual Right to Energy Forum. This year’s programme offered 5 days of discussions and interactive sessions with activists, politicians, environmental NGOs, trade unions, EU decision makers and solidarity collectives to enact solutions to end energy poverty and work towards an energy system which serves people and planet before profit.

The forum took place online Monday 24 January until 28 January 2022, between 14:00 and 18:00 CET.

>>Discover the full programme here<<

The programmes focused on the themes:

  • Energy poverty and climate justice, showcasing the right to energy movement across the EU and explaining why it’s a climate justice issue.
  • Addressing the root causes of Energy poverty, showcasing renovations and renewables as a crucial solution to tackle energy poverty. 
  • Towards an energy system for people and planet, showcasing the need to change the energy system, and exposing how the neoliberal energy market exploits poor households. 
  • From words to action: Commitments across the EU, showcasing the high-level commitments and actions taken by and in the EU. 
  • The Next Steps for the Right to Energy movement, how to continue strategising as a movement in the year ahead.

The event was organised by Friends of the Earth Europe in partnership with the Right to Energy Coalition.