[15.06.23] ENPOR presents: Insights and Innovations in Energy Advice

This event is now passed, catch up with the recording and event briefing in our news: https://enpor.eu/event-recordings-split-incentives-how-to-reach-tenants-enpor-shares-its-knowledge/

The aim of the event, targeting policy makers, energy advisors, consultants on sectors where energy is now also gaining importance (e.g. also social sector), is to present various measures from the project that have contributed to energy advice for energy poor households in the PRS. The focus of the seminar is on disseminating the methods implemented and our new concepts.  

Contributions from Austria and The Netherlands are planned. The presentations on the national ENPOR measures will briefly present the motivation behind each measure, the implementation process and the results achieved.

  1. Visual language for energy poor households (AEA) 
  2. Social Energy Advice – a new concept to complement traditional energy advice (AEA) 
  3. Presentation of the Dutch Energybox (HU)