Express your interest to participate: ENPOR Capacity building event series 

ENPOR Capacity building activities are being designed to overcome information gaps regarding the multidimensional effects of energy poverty. They are based on the ENPOR knowledge framework and aim to mitigate the possible adverse side-effects when designing and implementing policies. ENPOR offers several seminars in 2023 focusing on the themes pinpointed by local action groups of stakeholders as highly problematic.  

The capacity building seminars target stakeholders of actions and measures connected to energy poverty mitigation. We will organise thematic capacity building seminars on the following topics: 

  • The Split Incentive: Supporting building owners  and energy poor tenants  
  • Energy efficiency advisory services for the rental sector  
  • How to reach (energy poor) tenants?  
  • Connecting energy poor communities  
  • How to facilitate agreements between landlords and tenants 

These events will take place in 2023. Are you interested to receive detailed information on these events? Fill out this Expression of Interest Form to stay informed: