[23.02.2022] ENPOR at the Europe Day of the International Energy Poverty Action Week

ENPOR has co-organised the International Energy Poverty Action Week’s Europe Day on DAY 3: WEDNESDAY, 23.02.2022 / 15:00-17:00 (CET). The main theme of the Europe Day is “Taking Action and Measuring its Impact”.

Click here to watch the recording of the event.

Overview: Energy communities, NGOs, civil society organisations, clean energy investment cooperatives and public authorities…to name a few. An increasingly broad range of actors are building the goal of ending energy poverty into their missions. Many more are keen to do so, but not sure where to start. This two-part session first explored some innovative approaches, ranging from how to identify and engage with households affected to financing and implementing technical solutions or establishing better policy and legal frameworks. In the second part, we turned to the academic community for insights on how to measure energy poverty itself and evaluate the effectiveness of measures being applied.   

A group of enthusiastic volunteers gathered to launch the International Energy Poverty Action Week (IEPAW) in February, where actions to combat energy poverty around the globe will take centre stage. IEPAW was held virtually from 21st to 25th February 2022, and brought together academics, policymakers and practitioners in the field of energy poverty for a series of five seminars, discussions and workshops centred on finding actionable solutions to this global issue, as well as social media activity and offline actions. 

Access to affordable, sustainable and clean energy is a central focus for every continent in the face of global climate change, and governments, companies and NGOs must come together in their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and combat poverty. “Energy poverty”, “energy vulnerability”, “fuel poverty” and “energy precarity” are all expressions covering the various realities of people living across the world who struggle to afford or access adequate domestic energy resources. By coming together, we can find solutions to solve this issue.

Organisations and supporters were encouraged to join this independent initiative and use this week to profile their own actions and activities to raise awareness of energy poverty issues across the world

To unite us all, we used #EnergyPovertyAction across social media – make sure to follow our accounts on Twitter (@EnergyPovertyWk) and LinkedIn.

Check out the programme and speakers – including academics, policymakers and practitioners.

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This week was a great opportunity to find out more about energy poverty across different contexts, and how we can learn from each other to implement actionable, scalable, and innovative solutions to tackle the issue.