[9/10/23] ENPOR presents: discover the Energy Poverty Dashboard!

A one-hour event to discuss and present the capacities of the ENPOR Energy Poverty Dashboard.

The Energy Poverty Dashboard will be introduced, as well as wider issues around energy poverty measurement in Europe. The event is open to all but directed at public authorities and energy agencies, and will be presented by Stefan Bouzarovski.

A tour to the Dashboard will be performed to demonstrate its new features, and focus will be put on the applicability of the tool for policy makers, discussing various scenarios.

13h -14h CEST

On the same day, ENPOR partners organise a Policy Forum and Validation Workshop

ENPOR reaches is final months and we are ready to discuss our findings and final recommendations.  

Policy Forum – For ENPOR Advisory Board, as well as invited experts – 14h-14h55 CEST

The event will set the scene with the key results for policy recommendations to national and local policy makers: “What Research Tells Us: Alleviating Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector”, including a feedback session and presentation / validation of the project outcomes: “Co-creating policy measures: challenges and opportunities” 

Validation workshop – 15h05 – 16h CEST
Over the last years, the current European Commission tabled 46 legislative proposals under the Green Deal.  Member States must turn EU legislations into national laws in 2 year period focusing on the implementation and financing at national level. A major step forward is that a definition of Energy Poverty has been included in EU law. Implementing alleviating measures is up to national and local stakeholders to achieve a socially just green transition. This is still a major challenge, especially when it comes to structually address the need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings with vulnerable groups inhabiting these buildings.

ENPOR worked on several policy measures to be improved via co-creation with target groups and stakeholders, taking into account the special perspective of energy poor households in the private rented sector. As our project comes to an end, we are ready to hear your opinion on our findings at this webinar. We want to hear what you think works in terms of replicability and meaningful change.

If you are interested by any of these events, you can get in touch with Eva Suba, e.suba@climatealliance.org