[31.05.22] ENPOR Lunch Talk: Tackling Split Incentives: A European Outlook

This Lunch Talk explored the dimensions of split incentives as well as how the issue links to energy poverty, energy savings, and Article 7 of the EED. Experts involved in the EU-funded ENPOR and ENSMOV projects also presented practical recommendations on how several EU countries can overcome problems arising from split incentives.

Split incentives refer to any situation where the benefits of a transaction do not accrue to the actor who pays for the transaction. In the context of energy efficiency in buildings, if the actor who invests in energy efficiency measures, typically a landlord or building owner, is not the same as the actor who reaps the subsequent financial benefits, such as a tenant, split incentives can arise. Despite this long-lasting barrier, little attention has been drawn on how to resolve it and current public policy interventions have made relatively little progress towards providing effective solutions that align incentives between concerned actors.

View the recording here.

Download the post-event brief here.


  • 13.00 – Introduction to the session by Ivana Rogulj, IEECP
  • 13.05 – Keynote regarding the tenancy aspect of the split incentives issue by Stefan Bouzarovski, University of Manchester
  • 13.15 – Presentation of Greek case by Christos Tourkolias, The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving
  • 13.25 – Presentation of German case by Florin Vondung, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment
  • 13.35 – Discussion