[19.10.23] Workshop on Fighting Energy Poverty: Tackling energy poverty in a strategic way

The Covenant of Mayors Europe joins forces one last time with the ENPOR Project and the EU Energy Poverty Advisory Hub to organise its workshop for local and regional stakeholders entitled:  

“Workshop on Fighting Energy Poverty: Tackling energy poverty in a strategic way”

The event is part of the Grafting Cities Conference, a joint event of Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, AEES Modena and the City of Modena on 19 October 2023, 15:00-17:00 CET.

In this workshop, we build on that commitment, aiming to support local and regional authorities in understanding how to implement successful measures to mitigate energy poverty. The workshop explores the needs of multilevel governance when tackling energy poverty, identifying and collaborating with stakeholders, measuring energy poverty, supporting structures for energy vulnerable households, adjusting energy efficient renovation frameworks to encompass an energy poverty perspective and energy communities as support for energy poor households.


Tackling energy poverty in a strategic way – Municipal experiences

Integrating energy poverty measures in a municipality’s climate strategy

Successful strategies and instruments along with their impact on citizens

  • Municipalities’ role in national energy poverty policies –Italia in Classe A |
    Italy’s national renovation campaign’s energy poverty aspects
    Anna Amato, ENEA – the Italian Energy Agency
  • Program for the alleviating energy poverty in the city of Zagreb: Tackling energy poverty in a strategic way
    Miljenka Kuhar, DOOR, Croatia
  • Supporting structures for hard-to-reach energy vulnerable households: The experience of The Citizen Action Lab in Città di Castello
    Luca Secondi, Mayor and Benedetta Calagreti, Deputy Mayor for socialservices, Cittá di Castello / Climate Alliance Italy
  • How to set up and run an energy poverty office in a metropolitan area (draft)
    Diana Paunova, SOFENA – Sofia Energy Agency, Bulgaria

Local barriers to and solutions towards a socially just transition: Interactive Peer Activity

  • Theme 1: Socially just energy transition through increasing energy efficiency of buildings: renovation measures or newly built buildings with energy poor households
  • Theme 2: Tackling energy poverty and socially just transition through energy provision: models on setting up energy communities with supporting mechanisms for energy poor households


The Workshop will take place in English, no fee involved, registration required. 

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About the Conference

Climate Alliance International Conference 2023: Grafting Cities #CAIC23 #LocalAction In cities and towns across Europe, an ambitious and just transformation is already taking root. Whether through nature-based solutions, local CO2 pricing to guide climate-friendly procurement, renovation campaigns to combat energy poverty, the improvement of sustainable mobility infrastructure with the help of the citizens or the fostering of energy communities – examples of equitable climate action on the local level abound. With Grafting Cities, we look at concrete examples of the transformation we need, delving into the question of how to act on our climate goals in spite of an ever changing local landscape. Municipal representatives from across Europe will get the chance to exchange via high-level plenaries, interactive workshops, informal open space formats and enjoyable networking opportunities. The event, co-organised with our long-standing partner network Energy Cities as well as Climate Alliance members Modena and AESS, will provide a unique framework for this year’s Climate Alliance General Assembly and International Conference, CAIC23.

Climate Alliance members adopted a resolution to fight energy poverty in the midst of the energy crisis in 2022. Therein, Climate Alliance municipalities demonstrate a long term commitment to support their citizens, eradicate energy poverty by 2050 and integrate social aspects in local energy and climate policy.