[17.09.22] Energy poverty in Central Eastern Europe

Habitat for Humanity International Europe and the Middle East Area Office (HFHI EME) is launching Residential Energy Efficiency Observatory in Central and Eastern Europe and its first publication 

HFHI EME has started working on scaling up financing for owner occupied multi-apartment buildings and homeowner associations in the Western Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia) and in Armenia more than a decade ago with REELIH project, and later broadened the geographic area with Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine thanks to ComAct project. At the same time, we have been always very keen on reflecting and evaluating on our projects’ impact, capturing the key learnings, and publishing research to support market development and policy advocacy work. 

By recently establishing the REE Observatory in CEE, HFHI EME wanted to enhance the capacity in a strategic way and to raise our efforts to a new level. It is our hope that we will be able to publish a collection of academic articles on a regular basis from now on. The publication “Addressing energy poverty through residential energy efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and best practices” is the first collection of such articles, and it includes mostly the summaries of previously published longer studies. 

At HFHI EME we believe that by disseminating good knowledge and evidence we contribute to the discussion in Central and Eastern Europe about how to scale up the retrofitting of multi-apartment buildings by energy efficiency improvements, and how to decrease energy poverty in a moment where heating in the winter has become one of the biggest political and social challenges in our region.