[13.11.23] Get to know the Energy Poverty Dashboard: ENPOR guidance and infographics

The Energy Poverty Dashboard (EPD) is an integral part of the ENPOR project which seeks to provide an in-depth examination of energy poverty policies for the Private Rented Sector (PRS) across the European Union (EU), whilst supporting the adaption and implementation of policies tailored to the specific needs of the sector.  

The EPD aims to provide a pan-European platform for the spatial visualisation and quantification of energy poverty patterns in the PRS across Europe, as well as associated actions to address the issue. It responds to the lack of Europe-wide data on the PRS, as well as the need for spatial and temporal disaggregation of relevant information and interventions. It also establishes an online space for sharing knowledge and good practice.  

The EPD presents relevant aspects of energy poverty in the PRS across a range of indicators (including physical health and well-being), which can be used to investigate structural factors that underpin inequalities in the PRS. Mapped policies that target the PRS and their links to other social dimensions, in tandem with the indicator data, can aid policymakers to define suitable measures for energy poverty alleviation in the sector. The Dashboard also provides novel methods to collect and represent data on policies aimed at addressing the specificities of the PRS, and provides a range of resources pertinent to alleviating energy poverty in the sector.  

For further information about the EPD, download the guidance document which dives into the detailed explanation of the content of the dashboard, and the information that a user needs to benefit from the EPD content. It also discusses the data – particularly the indicators presented in the dashboard. 

The Dashboard can be accessed using the following URL: https://energypoverty.info

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