[13.10.23] Croatian new “Energy Savings Handbook” targeting owners, landlords and tenants

DOOR, a partner from the ENPOR project, has developed a new version of the Energy Savings Handbook where readers can find various ways to reduce their energy bills and also invest in RES and energy efficiency.

The handbook, available in Croatian, is freely accessible and available to anyone interested. Its goal is to assist citizens in reducing their energy bills and to improve their living conditions. When compared to the overall living expenses, particular savings may not appear significant, but, combined, they can make up a large percentage of an household’s income.

Other sections of the handbook offer an insight into the financial investment in RES and energy efficiency per household.

One of the ENPOR policies is the “Program for energy renovation of buildings in Croatia”, this handbook is an ideal educational material for citizens owners of the property they live in, but also for landlords and tenants.

The new version of the handbook was created to answer the recent increase in energy prices and changes in investment returns as well as to adjust to the adoption of the Euro. The new handbook now offers prices in both Kuna and Euros to help citizens keep track of the prices.

According to the European Pillar of Social Rights, all citizens have the right of access to essential services, including water, sanitation, energy, transport, financial services and digital communication. Among other things, energy is essential for a comfortable and high-quality life. Although modern life is hardly imaginable without energy, energy in all its forms is still not easily available to all citizens.

Many citizens not only have problems with access but are not even connected to the electrical grid, gas network, district heating system, or any other service. While energy poverty is becoming a more prominent issue with the recent increase in energy prices, the fact is that even before these years increases in prices, many citizens had problems in meeting their utility costs.

DOOR’s Handbook provides numerous useful tips on energy savings, and is available both online and in print. It can be found at DOOR’s office in Špansko in Zagreb in the Center for Combating Energy Poverty (“Centar za borbu protiv energetskog siromaštva”). The Center was founded as a part of the project Sustainable Businees for a Better Climate (Održivim poslovanjem do bolje klime) and which was fully co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund and POWERPOOR project co-financed by the European Union through the H2020.