[04.10.22] PRESS RELEASE: Cities and towns set example in the fight against energy poverty

Climate Alliance members adopt resolution to mitigate energy poverty

More commitment in the fight against energy poverty at all levels – Climate Alliance demands nothing less in its latest resolution, adopted at its annual general assembly. A network comprising almost 2,000 municipalities across Europe is directly reacting to the current energy crisis and the increasing prevalence of energy poverty. We warmly welcome the integration of ENPOR recommendations highlighting the willingness of local authorities to tackle the tenant-landlord dilemma when designing support measures for energy efficient renovations.

“The protection of vulnerable low and middle-income households must be a priority if we want to ensure a just energy transition,” stresses Andreas Wolter, Climate Alliance President and Mayor of the City of Cologne.

With the resolution, Climate Alliance members wish to demonstrate their long term commitment to support their citizens not only in the current crisis but also to pursue ambitious goals such as the eradication of energy poverty by 2050 and the consistent integration of social aspects in local energy and climate policy. Energy renovation of the building stock is cited as central to the fight against energy poverty as is the fostering of a political and financing framework that promotes such renovations. In the resolution, member cities and towns thus also call for adequate support from the European and national levels.